OpenDaylight and Hyperglance

I attended the Open Networking Summit (ONS) in Santa Clara last week and managed to catch some OpenDaylight forums/talks. Nearly all the Silicon Valley heavyweights have joined the OpenDaylight project including Cisco, IBM, Citrix, RedHat and Microsoft. There are many interesting points about the list of companies that have joined and contributed code. One interesting point is the diversity, many are not network vendors. Another is many are competitors and no one knows how they will play together.

My take on the situation is customers can see that SDN is the future and are pressuring the vendors to standardize so they don't end up going down a vendor lock in route. Because there are so many different SDN controllers and different companies have differing views on exactly what SDN is customers are not buying SDN solutions and are also holding off buying traditional solutions until the situation becomes clearer. Consequently both hardware and software vendors need to get some kind of open standard to work off to allay customer fears and move their tin.   

I am pretty excited by OpenDaylight as I think the networking industry needs a standard controller to innovate off and this might just be the one to do it. Open was a big catchword at the ONS and I can see the tie up between OpenDaylight and OpenStack being a big driver in the coming months and years. I thought I would hack up an OpenDaylight collector for Hyperglance over the weekend as I am excited to start working with it. There is still quite a bit of work to do on the collector; I need to add flows, hosts and commands as well as some other bits and bobs. I am hoping OpenDaylight will iterate rapidly so I can iterate with it.

As a side note I met Ed Warnicke at ONS, he is heading up the Cisco dev for Opendaylight . Ed is a super nice guy and was pretty amped up when we met, that may have been down to the Bulletproof Coffee he raved about , Bulletproof coffee sounds like some pretty serious stuff!  I told him I would have an OpenDaylight collector in a week and have lived up to that promise. 

The OpenDaylight UI showing 63 switches