Silos of data are a big problem

I was reading a great blog by  Archie Hendryx  about the issue of VMware people not caring about storage and how sharing of knowledge and information between the storage and compute people is vital:


Silos will prevent Tier 1 Apps reaching the Cloud — On a recent excursion to a tech event I had the pleasure of meeting a well-known ‘VM Guru’, (who shall remain nameless). Having read some of this individual’s material I was excited and intrigued to know his thoughts on how he was tackling the Storage


Gone are the days when you don't have to care about what resources are upstream or downstream. Storage is a black art to most network or compute guys (or gals). That data silo needs to be brought into the light and people educated that it doesn't "just work" anymore. Capacity management and monitoring is needed to keep applications within SLA.

I know in the last few years I have had to be dragged from my "Network" centric view and I have had to learn about storage and the application space. I.T. is an ecosystem, ignore one aspect at your peril.