Stopping to smell the flowers

Time seems to be on fast forward when working at a start-up, the weeks and months just flash by. It’s now way past Christmas and since we released last April it’s been a whirlwind of learning, customer meetings and quite a bit of stress. It’s typical that you don’t stop sometimes and realise how great things are. I am working in a great start-up with great people, Hyperglance is gaining a lot of traction and people love the software but it’s been a roller coaster ride. Things don’t always go to plan and I have been frantically trying to learn the software business.

Yesterday I suddenly thought of what we had achieved the last 12 months and how lucky I am. It brought back a memory from last year:

I sometimes like to go on nice long walks alone. It gives me time to think and get back to nature (or the nearest to it I can living in the South East of the UK). I remember vividly one time I was about ½ way through, at 6 or 7 miles and looking at a quite large, steep incline in the Chilterns. I was determined to get up there without stopping so I set off, head down and tail up. It was very steep and back then I wasn’t very fit so started to flag about half way up, I looked to my left and there was a field just to the side of the track. It was a beautiful sunny spring day, the field was covered in wild flowers and lush green grass. I thought of stopping and having lunch in the field, it really was perfect. But the hill was there and I was determined to conquer it so keep going. I thought “I am sure there will be a very nice place at the top with a great view and it will be just as nice” so I kept pushing forward. It was a pretty steep hill but I made it, although not in one go like I wanted! When I got to the top guess what, it was extremely disappointing. Not much view, a nasty ugly barn and the sun had gone. Of course I had the achievement of conquering the hill but I really wish I had stopped and spent some time in that field.

Who knows where the future will lead but I need to keep in mind the now, not just concentrate on where I will be next year or the year after. Life is good, I need to stop sometimes and smell the flowers.