Opendaylight in Hyperglance with Flows and Hosts

I have just added to the OpenDaylight collector to add flows and Hosts. It was relatively easy but OpenDaylight is currently acting a little weird, for instance, the Northbound API shows all the flows as being attached to all the switch links. Maybe an issue with OpenDaylight, Mininet or both, not sure.

To be honest I am amazed that OpenDaylight is as stable as it is. Anyway, I have added flows to all the links using "statistics/default/flowstats". I just iterate though the JSON and add it the relevant links to the assigned endpoints. Another annoying thing is that there is no unique identifier per flow so I had to assign a random number to uniquely identity the flow. 

I will be adding commands so you will be able to POST API calls to the controller. Right now you can Ping, SSH and get a webpage of the IP address. That kind of thing is trivial in Hyperglance and I will be adding more as I get user feedback.

I have created a short video to show it in action.